Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ISR, Bottom Plays & More

IsoRay, Inc. ISR

We first began tracking ISR back in early October as a potential bottom play, and just a few sessions subsequent to our first mention, we would witness a low of 1.22 (10/16).

It took just a couple of weeks for us to ride ISR to a 66% gain as it ran to a high of 2.03 at the end of October. It consolidated down from that level, and for the past month or so the stock has been trading channel between 1.50-1.70.

ISR is catching our attention once again this morning, as we picked up on a new update over the press wire regarding the company’s Cesium-131 low-dose radiation therapy for brain cancer sufferers (Learn More About Cesium-131).

The Barrow Neurological Institute conducted studies with 27 patients with several variations of brain cancer, and the company is reporting that there was no recurrence of the disease on the treated sites in 26 out of the 27 candidates, where other treatments had failed. >> Read PR

We’re going to be interested to see how the stock picks up trading following the holiday week, especially with such an encouraging piece of news out in the premarket. So far, the ISR has gone as high as 2.08 in preliminary trading this morning. We could be looking at a dip-and-scenario once the session commences; to remain interested we’ll want to see support hold at a minimum of 1.89 as that would mark a 50% retrace from the current premarket range.

Potential Bottom Plays

AEterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS absolutely fell off a cliff back in early November, following FDA denial of a New Drug Application AEZS had submitted. The stock has spent the intervening time bottoming out, and it is now trading at all-time lows. This is exactly the sort of situation that sends us into “vulture-mode”, where we’re on the lookout for any signs of recovery after a stock has been hammered down.

Frontline, Ltd. FRO is a stock that is in the process of coming off of a recent bottom, and is showing signs of life here in today’s premarket, currently trading in the mid-1.30’s.

Extended Watchlist: