JVA, CIGX, FBCD – Today’s Hot Stocks

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA

We dont typically talk about listed securities, but are making an exception this morning for JVA. This stock is at a low after having found a bottom in the eight dollar range, and trading at 10.00 or better for the majority of the summer. At times, much better; it hit a high of nearly 30 dollars!

Have a look at the annotated chart we prepared which points out some of the highlights. We have noticed that this stock is capable of making wicked moves; In January it traded in the 4 dollar range, only to hit 30 dollars in July, for over 600% gained. We would love to see that happen again.

Star Scientific, Inc. CIGX

CIGX made a great move this week from a low of 2.00 to a high of 2.84, for a nice 42% gain. The MACD is currently pinching toward a cross, which will signal another bullish rally for CIGX.

Once again we have taken it upon ourselves to include an annotated chart for your viewing convenience which outlines some of the more attractive features of the chart.

Take heed of the gap we pointed out, as gaps like that almost always get filled. After the current run has ended, we will be on the lookout for a retracement to the 2.34-2.41 range.

FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

Early on this week, we re-added FBCD to our watchlist after a relatively long hiatus. The stock has performed exceptionally well for us in the past, and our confidence that another run is in the cards for the near future is increasing steadily.

We’ve seen an increase in volume over the past couple of weeks that leads us to the conclusion that savvy investors are loading up shares here at this relative bottom. It will be interesting to see where this stock will travel in the coming weeks.

CIGX, FBCD – Today’s Penny Stocks

Star Scientific, Inc. CIGX

One of our past picks, CIGX, is enjoying some momentum today as the stock is currently in the midst of a bounce, which has been extended in part by yesterday’s press. The company highlighted a recent study on the effectiveness of anatabine for treating symptoms of Alzhemiers disease. Anatabine is a primary ingredient in Anatabloc(TM), the dietary supplement developed by CIGX subsidiary, Rock Creek Pharmaceutical.

GLEN ALLEN, Va., Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Star Scientific, Inc. (Nasdaq: CIGX) reports today the publication of the first peer-reviewed article on the in-vitro and in-vivo activity of anatabine in Alzheimer’s Disease. The article is authored by scientists at the Roskamp Institute and is electronically published in the European Journal of Pharmacology (2011 Sept 19). It states that anatabine lowers Alzheimer’s A-beta production in-vitro and in-vivo.

We always like to keep past plays like this on our radar, as today has proven, you never know when a stock that has performed well in the past is going to provide further opportunities.

FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

FBCD is another past pick that seemed worthy of mention once again today. For those of you who have followed our activity long enough, you may remember that the first time we talked about this play, was at .015 late last April. By mid-may, it had traded up to .11 for a gain of well over 600% \

We’ve kept an eye on it since then, and have noticed that it had bottomed out at around a penny, and is currently up 20% on the day. This is looking like a good time for us to re-assess our opinion of this stock, after having stood on the sidelines for some time.


Side Note:

We urge our readers to take a look at the Opportunist Magazine Wall Street Journal Edition online, if you would like to receive paper copies by mail, fill out the form on this page. The magazine’s October Edition features our repeat play, Dinewise, Inc. DWIS, and our one-time play, Global Entertainment Holdings GBHL.

VKML Viking Minerals, Inc. & CIGX Star Scientific, Inc. for 09/15

Viking Minerals, Inc. VKML

VKML is a gold play that we mentioned earlier in the Summer, which subsequently made for itself a bottom, moving from .02 to .10, and settling back to its level of .085. We believe that VKML could very well see another 40-50% in gains once the current resistance level of .10 is breached, and the chart certainly looks primed for another surge.

The company recently released positive assay results from its main claim, known as the Dolly Varden property, and at this time we are awaiting further information.

Copper prices are at an all-time high with an overseas demand from Asia which looks to keep prices at these advanced levels or even greater. Copper is one of the most profitable minerals to mine, with the overall profit being around 65%, a margin which is even better than the associated cost of mining gold.

VKML figures to make big strides in the future with expected Copper production reaching more than 10X the average for mines in the area.

PR regarding the assay claim:

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, Sep 06, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — VIKING MINERALS INC (OTCBB: VKML) ( www.vikingmineralsinc.com) reports up to 5.23% copper from its first five assay results at the Dolly Varden Claims, in Elko County, Nevada.

The five samples were shipped to the ALS Chemex lab in North Vancouver, Canada.

Company President Charles Irizarry stated “The Dolly Varden Property continues to prove it’s self as being highly mineralised with the potential for bulk tonnage copper, gold and silver recovery. The results of up to 5.23% Copper from our first hole have exceeded our expectations. Especially when considering the neighbouring Robinson Mine averages 0.5% Copper. There is growing anticipation on what our next set of results will bring.”


Star Scientific, Inc. CIGX

Our original call of CIGX came over a year ago, at which time the stock was trading at 1.55. In the months that followed it had hit a high of 5.35 (On May 31st) marking an enormous gain of 235%

We mentioned CIGX again back on August 31st, when the stock was trading as low as 2.23. Yesterday, the stock hit 3.10, for a gain of 39% and marking the third day in a row of gains.

We had originally called the play as having high rebound potential, and it turns out we were correct. CIGX appeared on the NASDAQ top gainers list this week.