Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Big Winners & More

Sandridge Energy, Inc. SDOC

SDOC was the focus of our closing thought in Friday’s premarket report, and the direct assumption we made about the likelihood of a rebound proved to be very accurate, to put it mildly. The nature of the premarket activity on the stock led us to believe that a bounce was imminent, as we pointed out, and the ensuing price action was quite impressive.

From an early low of .0339, SDOC soared as high as .085, for an intraday burst of 143%, and the move occurred on very heavy volume of more than 5X the monthly average.

It’s fair to mention that following its recent delisting from the NYSE to OTC, the company issued a statement citing that it cannot guarantee its listing and/or trading status moving forward. (View 8K) Those proceeding with speculation into the stock henceforth should do so with utmost caution.

LegacyXChange, Inc. LEGX

LEGX was another play from Friday’s watchlist to do very well on the day. It ran 68% from a low of .025 up as high as .042 on six times the average volume. It represented a momentary breach of the 200DMA, and the fourth consecutive session of higher highs and higher lows.

This is what we characterize as a low-float play; those stocks with tight share structures such as this one have the ability to make exactly the types of moves we witnessed on Friday when significant buying pressure is applied. We’ll continue to remain interested in LEGX provided it maintains support at or above Friday’s swing low at .025.

Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. SBFM

Last but not least among notable plays from Friday’s morning report is SBFM. We’ve been tracking this stock heavily since December 29th, and have observed it trading as low as .008 following that report. It has been on an epic uptrend since then, and managed to set new highs once again on Friday.

It started out trading as low as .023 and surged as high as .0375 for an intraday run of 63% and an overall move of 369% in the eight sessions since we first mentioned it to our readers. SBFM has achieved higher highs and higher lows in seven of those eight sessions.

As pointed out on the following chart snapshot, we’ll need to see SBFM maintain above its previous swing-low of .023 to hold our attention moving forward.

Extended Watchlist: