Blue Horseshoe Stocks: A Word on Ebola & Much More

A Word on the “Ebola Effect”

In a hype-filled environment that is beginning to resemble early-2014’s cannabis “green rush”, most stocks with news announcements even remotely connected to the Ebola virus have been seeing exponential spikes in activity. Fear, no matter how irrational, can be one of the market’s most potent driving forces, and we are seeing affirmations of this left and right. Regardless of the cause or rationale, we are always standing at the ready to take advantage of powerful trends, and so far we’ve done a pretty good job of tracking down some Ebola-related winners in the last couple of weeks.. There were two in yesterday’s report alone.

NanoLogix, Inc. NNLX

NNLX was a standout which announced yesterday morning that it was “configuring its N-Assay Rapid diagnostic kits for both Ebola Virus and Enterovirus detection”  and as a result, the stock leaped out of the gate to make a serious move first thing in the morning. It traded in a massive range, running rapidly from .06 to .18;  a full 200% intraday move!

  Aethlon Medical, Inc. AEMD

AEMD was another one we were tracking from yesterday’s newsletter, and the company subsequently published a report stating that it had used its “Hemopurifier” to treat an Ebola patient in Sierra Leone. It led to a 37% intraday swing (.19-26).

New Entry on Our Ebola Watchlist:

We’re also going to radar WholeHealth Products, Inc. GWPC after we caught an after-hours PR yesterday evening. With untraded-upon news on such a hot topic, we’ll be anxious to see how the stock responds today.

Accentia BioPharmaceticals, Inc.  ABPI

While not an Ebola-connected biopharma play, were glad to have included ABPI in yesterday’s premarket report. Its SinuNase sinusitis treatment has been fast-tracked by the FDA, and the company happened to release word that “several unnamed pharmaceutical companies… have approached the company over SinuNase.”

The announcement caused a monstrous spike in early trading with stock jumping up from the open at .0065 and reaching .027! That works out to a mammoth move of 315% and there was also a subsequent dip-and-rip as the stock came off that initial high. It bounced off of a penny and ran back to .023, adding a 130% swing, and that was followed by yet another from .0107 to .018 (+68%).

In total, we witnessed 513% in cumulative gains for the day, so congrats to anyone who caught our tag, because even if you only took advantage of a fraction of those intraday moves, chances are you still walked away with a tidy profit.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CNET

We’ve been tracking CNET pretty closely since we first caught it on a momentum scan back on Sept. 22nd, and re-tagged it in yesterday’s report. Following some news, we saw a couple of respectable intraday swings out of the stock. First, from 1.55 to 2.17 (+40%), and then again from 1.83 to 2.16 (+18%).

The company announced it was teaming with credit search engine Haodai and the Yooli crowdfunding outfit to offer “Zero Down Payment Loans” to entrepreneurs. >>View PR

Extended Watchlist: