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Intel Corp. INTC – Recap 

To close out the trading week on Friday, we submitted a final daytrading idea for the Intel options chain. Our targets of interest were the INTC Weekly $52.50-54 Calls, and with the help of a solid day for stocks in general, and an upswing on the chart of more than 2.50, we saw some nice moves out of those contracts.

The total possible daily profits that were available to ourselves and our readers by way of INTC were as follows:

$52.50 Calls – Range: 1.41-4.15 – Max Gain: 194%
$53 Calls – Range: 1.16-3.61 – Max Gain: 211%
$53.50 Calls – Range: .67-3.48 – Max Gain: 419%
$54 Calls – Range: .50-2.59 – Max Gain: 418%

AT&T Inc. T – Fresh Idea

After this morning’s earnings beat, along with a board shakeup and new capital allocation plan that involves the sale of billions in assets over the next year, T is among top options day-trade candidates, as it is surging in the premarket.

We’re going to tag the T Weekly $37-38.50 Calls for observation as we kick off what promises to be a very interesting week for stocks and options alike!

Extended Watchlist: