Recap of Tuesday’s Movers, Fresh Earnings Plays

Solid Options Runners:

We righted the ship yesterday with a couple of good options ideas in our premarket report, despite the fact that we had no earnings reporters with which to work. We managed to root out a couple of good plays, regardless. Today appears to have some real potential, with several big name earnings drops, along with a market that looks like it may possibly be ready to reverse and go bullish.

Yesterday’s areas of interest for us were the GIS 01/20 $85-80 Puts, and the HEI 01/20 $150 Calls, and here were the caliber of moves and total possible profits they produced for us on the day:

GIS 01/20 $85-80 Puts
 2.15-3.60 (+67%)
$82.50: .97-2.00 (+106%)
$80: .60-1.10 (+83%)

HEI 01/20 $150 Calls
$150: 3.70-6.29 (+70%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 12/21 $381-383 Calls
NKE Weekly $113-115 Calls
FDX Weekly $170-175 Calls 

Icecure Medical Ltd. ICCM – OTC Recap:

We’ve had quite a few nice OTC plays crop up in recent sessions, and yesterday’s standout was ICCM. We tagged this play for observation in our extended watchlist yesterday morning, and it followed up with a good perfromance, running from 2.94 up to 4.73 for an intraday rise of 61%

Extended Watchlist: