PPHM, GLRP, WAFR & Extended Watchlist

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

After the big sell-off and gap-down early this week, PPHM has provided us with some nice intraday swings, showing high volatility. Over the course of the week, it has traded in a range between .80 and 1.94, for a difference of over 140% There have also been several chances in the meantime to rake in even more percentage gains. It is for this reason, we feel we must continue to talk about this stock; It has presented us with one opportunity after another.


Glen Rose Petroleum Corp. GLRP

As much as everyone loves the 50-100% or better gains, 15-20% gains are nothing to sneeze at, and certainly do add up. So far, GLRP looks like it is going to be a nice play, with a range yesterday of .07-.087 (+24%). It closed at the .087 high-of-day, which is often a good sign of further gains to come. A good first day of coverage for us, and we are eager to see how this one plays out over a longer period.


COREwafer Industries, Inc. WAFR

WAFR appeared in last Friday’s Extended Watchlist, and after trading as low as .035 on Monday, reached .0595 (yesterday’s closing price). It maintained higher lows and higher highs since the beginning of the week. We had noticed this play coming off of its bottom last week, and after a 70% gain, are still under the impression that the uptrend could continue.

Extended Watchlist: