Options Review, Special Reminder

Friday’s Options Runners: 

As is typical for us, we’re going to kick things off this morning by reviewing the winning options trading ideas that we formulated in our previous report. On Friday morning, we provided three sets of potential targets for our readers, and thanks to some help from a furiously bullish day for the markets in general, all three idea sets bore fruit.

We were specifically after the SPY 02/25 $428-431 Calls, the, SQ Weekly $110-115 Calls and the COIN Weekly $177.50-182.50 Calls. Many of the gains we saw in those contracts soared high into multibag territory with the following impressive daily runs:

SPY 02/25 $428-431 Calls
$428: 2.28-9.87 (+333%)
$429: 1.76-8.84 (+402%)
$430: 1.33-7.96 (+498%)
$431: .97-6.98 (+620%)

SQ Weekly $110-115 Calls
 2.68-10.65 (+297%)
$111: 2.12-9.15 (+332%)
$112: 1.64-8.64 (+427%)
$113: 1.42-7.40 (+421%)
$114: 1.15-6.40 (+456%)
$115: .89-5.75 (+546%)

COIN Weekly $177.50-182.50 Calls
 1.32-3.51 (+166%)
$180: .85-2.10 (+147%)
$182.50: .49-1.20 (+145%)

Imperial Petroleum, Inc. IMPP – Recap: 

The impressive run in IMPP continued on Friday to close out the week. We had just recapped its performance in our morning report, and it produced another solid session and is gapping to new highs this morning. From our observed low of .631, the stock has now risen 310% as of its premarket high of 2.59 this morning!

Special Reminder: 

We would urge our readers NOT to miss out on tomorrow morning’s special report, which will feature a brand new point of focus in a future-forward market space with unlimited growth potential! Scan your inboxes diligently at the normal time tomorrow morning to get in on this prime opportunity!

Extended Watchlist: