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Reviewing Friday’s Options Plays

In Friday morning’s report, we set out several last-minute options ideas, and our first order of business to kick off the fresh trading week is to highlight the performances recorded by those targets.

We had a mixture of bulls and bears on our watchlist and for most of them, we saw some pretty nice action and potential intraday gains:

DKNG Weekly $25 Calls
.90-4.30 (+378%)

AMAT Weekly $54.50-53 Puts
1.30-2.63 (+102%)
$54: 1.05-2.50 (+138%)
$53.50: .72-2.29 (+218%)
$53: .50-1.80 (+260%)

ACB Weekly $7-8 Calls

$7: .86-3.03 (+252%)
$8: .28-3.75 (+1238%)

In the case of ACB, not only did our options targets kill, especially with that beautiful twelve-bagger, but the stock itself is on a heck of a run, seeing a low of 7.80 on Friday and reaching as high as 14.90 in early trading today. That’s a respectable move of 91% We’re also going to roll up to the ACB $13-15 Calls for this week.

Fresh Ideas:
SE Weekly $63-66 Calls
SPY 05/20 $292-295 Calls
TDG 07/17 $390-400 Calls