Options Plays, Special Reminder

Options Updates:

We closed out the week on Friday by signaling a couple of options ideas that we would be able to track through to this week. The FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls and the VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls.

They performed rather solidly right out of the gate on Friday morning, providing instant results. Here are the total possible gains that were achieved:

FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls
$28: 1.78-4.00 (+125%)
$29: 1.73-3.20 (+85%)
$30: 1.06-2.50 (+136%)

VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls
$7.50: .85-2.60 (+218%)

Options Ideas: 
SPY 08/17 $337-339 Calls
JD Weekly $64-66 Calls

Key Reminder: 

We have a big week of retail earnings slated for later this week, as well as a hot new video-on-demand play that we’ll be introducing, so things should be pretty exciting around here for the next several days.

Be sure to stay tuned for further reports and don’t miss out on a minute of the action!

Extended Watchlist: