MJNA, HEMP, CGUD, CGRA & Extended Watchlist

Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA

Yesterday we saw MJNA hit a high of .143. The low since we first alerted this play was .032, marking whopping gains of well over 300% Following last Tuesday’s re-alert on the stock, it is up nearly 100%


Hemp, Inc. HEMP

HEMP was as low as .027 on last Tuesday. This week we saw the stock touch .09 twice, 233% above last week’s low. That makes two of these medical marijuana plays from last week’s special report that have performed extremely well for us.


Com-Guard.com, Inc. CGUD

CGUD started to heat up yesterday, hitting .004, after having been as low as .0017 on Friday, Oct. 19th. That marks a gain of 135%, and just adds to the amount of huge successes that we’ve brought forth over the past few weeks.


CGrowth Capital, Inc. CGRA

We are adding CGRA to our long-term watchlist, while recognizing its short-term benefits as well.

We wanted to highlight the news on CGRA, both yesterday’s business update, and today’s PR which is pretty exciting:

SILVERDALE, Wash., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — CGrowth Capital, Inc. (Pink Sheets: CGRA) is pleased to announce that Jason Otteson and Noble Mining, Inc. have joined the Company as a corporate advisor and investor.

The Company recently announced its transition into the mining and precious metals industry.  The addition of Noble Mining, and the insight and contacts of Noble Mining’s Jason Otteson, is a big step forward in growing the business and executing on its business plan.

Jason Otteson, who has been featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush for two seasons is the founder of Noble Mining, Inc.  The 3rd Season of Gold Rush airs on Friday, October, 26th at 7:00 CST.  Discovery’s Gold Rush is one of the top shows on TV. >> FULL STORY

CGrowth Capital, Inc. Releases Business Update


Extended Watchlist: