Afternoon Updates on LBGO, SRSR


Liberty Gold Corp. LBGO

For those of you that may have missed this morning’s new interest, we would suggest you take a look at this gold play. What we like best is the trend toward precious metal stocks as we approach a potential third round of economic stimulus from the Fed. Earlier rounds produced a spike of interest in gold related investments, and signs of a repeat performance have already begun to surface.

We will point your attention to this article, which supposes the effect that an impending QE3 could have on gold prices and related stocks. You may also want to view the opinion of LBGO by Goldman Research.

LBGO Spotlight – Download PDF

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Sarissa Resources, Inc. SRSR

Here’s a precious metals stock we’ve mentioned previously that has already begun to heat up.

We put out an alert out on SRSR back on August 8th, after which time the stock reached a subsequent low of .0252. Today, SRSR reached a high of .0645, for a monster gain of 156% from the low following our alert.