JVA, APII, EXTO, FBCD – Today’s Hot Stocks

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA
JVA made us look good for the second day running on Monday, proving that just because we are great at picking pennies, does not mean that we don’t have a nose for the occasional big board stock.

If there is one thing that we do excel in, its spotting chart trends, and staying one step ahead on plays just like this. We noticed and pointed out that the MACD was converging, and now it appears a cross is imminent. We also mentioned a heavily oversold RSI, and that too is turning up nicely, just the way we predicted.

We alerted JVA at 8.35. At Monday’s high of 10.69, we saw a two day gain of 28%, which is unbelievable for NASDAQ-listed security.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO is exhibiting the same kind of bullish chart trends as is JVA, with a MACD cross in progress, and a steadily rising RSI.

Upon reaching a bottom of .006 last week, the stock has made increasingly higher lows, in addition to rising from that level by over 50%

FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

FBCD remains to look bullish to us, having made higher lows during the last four consecutive trading sessions.

We surpassed Friday’s high of .0165 yesterday, closing the day at .017, just one tick down from the high-of-day on over 4x its 3 mo. average volume.

FBCD was one of our largest gainers in 2011, racking up gains of more than 600%, and our bottom timing was just as impeccable this time around as it was earlier in the year.

Action Products International, Inc. APII

APII on Monday saw nothing but trades at the offer; we like when a stock trades with all buys, because it shows that savvy investors are not selling shares at this level.

We are still bullish on APII, as it closed at is high-of-day on Monday, up 32% from our re-alert of the stock last week, as low as .11.