EMXC, DGHG for Today’s Midday Alert

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

EMXC, after touching a low of .0013 on Monday and Tuesday, hit a high of .0021 today for a 62% one-day gain. The MACD cross we expected has occurred, as pointed out on the chart below:

We were on the lookout for a fresh PR, and the company delivered in kind this morning, with some rather exciting news regarding a $50M loan

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — eMax Worldwide, Inc. formerly known as eMax Holdings Corp (Pink: EMXC) www.emaxworldwide.com announces the execution of loan documents in the amount of $50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Dollars) with Inter Global Investments, LLC. In addition, EMXC has received bank confirmation from Inter Global Investments, LLC.’s shared credit facility. eMax Worldwide has received confirmation from their Lender’s Bank of a shared credit facility in the amount of $50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Dollars).

Roxanna Weber, Chairman of eMax Worldwide stated, “We are extremely excited to report to our shareholders, that today marks the next expansion phase of eMax Worldwide. eMax Worldwide has signed loan documents for 50 million dollars in funding for our expansion and acquisition targets. This single event facilitates completing the buyback and also positions our company to buy and invest in immediate revenue producing companies. Part of the funding will be used to expand the operations of our partly owned company, eMax Media Group, (Pinksheets:MPIX). The growth we have achieved to this point has been exceptional; however, it pales in comparison to the next steps of our business plan objectives. Our company value and potential revenues will grow exponentially going forward.


Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

DGHG has been on a slow and steady incline since our mention of it last Tuesday, when the stock was trading at 1.16. From there to today’s high, that’s a tidy 11% increase in just a week’s time.
  The stock had news out this morning, announcing the completed negotiations for the sale of one of it’s subsidiaries:
Orlando, Fla., Sep 21, 2011 (PRWeb.com via COMTEX) — Diversified Global Holdings Group Inc. (OCTQB: DGHG), a rapidly growing international holding company recently announced that pursuant to its commitment to focus on its best growth opportunities in the current global environment, it had completed negotiations for the sale of Kontakt LLC, one of its Russian electronic component resale subsidiaries, for 1,100,000 shares of its common stock (approximately $1.5 million in current market value) to be retransferred to the Company by the former owner of the subsidiary, Nikolay Uraev, a director of the Company.
In the agreement, Mr. Uraev has also agreed to resign from the Company’s Board of Directors and to contribute to the capital of the Company, in addition to the 1,100,000 shares retransferred in connection with Kontact LLC, a significant portion of the shares of common stock he received as a founder in the acquisition of Diversified Global Holdings, Inc., during November 2009. The successful sale will have a positive impact on DGHG’s statement of operations.
“DGHG intends to sell the remaining subsidiary and ultimately close this division, as we are looking to maintain the focus of DGHG on our better performing subsidiaries and future growth opportunities,” said Richard Lloyd, CEO of Diversified Global Holdings Group. “We will continue with our acquisition strategy and believe that divesting of this division will have a positive effect on our growth and profitability in the years to come.”