Future World Energy | FWDG & Extended Watchlist

FutureWorld Energy, Inc. FWDG

Many of you will recall FWDG as a stock that recently brought us substantial gains, as you can see from this excerpt from our daily report for April 8th: “A quick recalculation of our total cumulative gains on FWDG in less than a week, provides us with a staggering figure of 1054% from the low following our initial alert at .0013 (Tuesday) to Friday‚Äôs high of .015.”

After it hit a high of .016, the stock went on to consolidate down to .006 last week. Following yesterday’s mention of FWDG in our Extended Watchlist, the stock broke resistance at a penny before running as high as .0145. Moving forward, we’d like to see the stock test previous resistance at .016. A break past that point would place FWDG firmly in the realm of Bluesky Breakout Mode.

Side Note: We are also scanning APPL for Options trading opportunities. AAPL looks like it may have found support around $400, judging by premarket activity this morning. It appears to be gapping up to a high of 407.76. So currently we are looking at the $410 Calls, but obviously, we will be changing our focus to the $400 puts, should it begin to lose support. There may even be opportunities on both sides of the fence, based on the volatility we’ve seen from Apple of late.

Extended Watchlist: