Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FWDG, HKTU & Extended Watchlist

FutureWorld Energy, Inc. FWDG

On Friday, although FWDG had already brought us close to 700% in gains for the week, the stock once again had a breakout performance, trending up on record volume. In our morning report on Friday, we stated that we wanted to see previous levels of resistance (.009, .01) broken, and held as new levels of support. That chain of events indeed came to pass, as the stock surged on to close at its high of day, at .015. From a low of .0065, that marks added gains of up to 131%

A quick recalculation of our total cumulative gains on FWDG in less than a week, provides us with a staggering figure of 1054% from the low following our initial alert at .0013 (Tuesday) to Friday’s high of .015.

FWDG’s stellar performance netted us a hat trick for the week, pertaining to our third appearance as the top newsletter on Penny Stock Rumble.

The next area of resistance we’d like to see broken, and held as future support, is in the .02-.025 range. Past that area, we are looking at blue skies all the way up to the teens. This stock is currently one of our favorites, and will be near the top of our watchlist moving forward.

Hokutou Holdings International, Inc. HKTU

HKTU turned out to be a good call for us on Friday as well. The stock was as low as .0061, and also closed at its high of day .0083, for a comparatively modest, yet substantial 36% gain.


Extended Watchlist: