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Bergio International, Inc. BRGO

As you all know by now, we have an open-door policy with regard to our subscribers suggesting stocks that they think we might like. In the event that its a good find, we will talk about it in our newsletter. Enter BRGO. We’d like to thank Chris B. for this find.

Summer is now coming to an end, the kids are going back to school, and we are into September, which always promises to be one of the years’ most exciting months.

Since the beginning of August, BRGO has been on a serious run, moving from .02, all the way up to .112, for a a gain of 460% Although the stock has increased in value so much, these gains do not scare us off.

The party on BRGO is not over yet, and it appears our friends over at BARCHART.COM agree: The stock is currently receiving a 100% Overall Buy Rating, something that we do not see every day.


eLayaway, Inc. ELAY  

 We initially called ELAY back in late July, the stock was trading at .14 at that time. There was a subsequent run to .24, and since then, has consolidated back just shy of our original alert point. Reaching that bottom, we are once again attracted to this stock, as the chart looks ripe for another push.

Here is an excerpt from their latest PR: 

TALLAHASSEE, FL, Aug 23, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Despite various market fluctuations of the DJIA, S&P Equity Research upgraded Sears Holding Corporation from a “Sell” rating to a “Hold” rating. According to an online article by 24/7 Wall Street (http://247wallst.com/2011/08/09/sears-loses-key-sell-rating-from-sp-analyst-shld/), “Added drivers to the upgrade were layaway plans…” Layaway is fast becoming a viable alternative to credit. Its fiscally responsible attributes make it a reputable payment alternative for merchants to promote, given the current debt issue. As more and more businesses look for ways to increase sales, many of them are turning to eLayaway, Inc. (OTCBB: ELAY), the Internet’s first and only patent pending layaway payment processor.     

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, ELAY’s business model becomes increasingly relevant.  


Exit Only, Inc EXTO 

We are currently waiting an update on Pinksheets with regard to the status of EXTO stock. The Caveat Emptor label is to be removed as outlined in the latest press release, and we think that should be happening very soon.

This is one play that has us continually excited, and the really fun part has yet to even begin. Watch out when the company begins bringing up ore for processing in under two months time.

The new support level that we will be looking to hold is .0098, the low that the stock hit on Friday.              


We hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend, but we are ready to get back on the grind and make this short week a good one. Happy Trading to All!