STWSE | STW Resources Holding Corp | Blue Horseshoe Stock Update

STW Resources Holding Corp STWSE

STWSE came out of the gate just as well, if not better than we expected. It appears our alert on the bottom of this stock was spot-on, not to mention very timely.

As of lunchtime, STWSE has traded 8X as many shares as its 3-month average volume, and shot up 200% to the previous resistance at .12.  After a late morning dip below .08, the stock is now holding in the .09-.10 range, sustaining well over a hundred percent of today’s gains.

It will be interesting to see where this price action goes as the afternoon progresses into the 3 o’clock Power Hour. It appears that our prediction of this stock going from bottom bouncer to momentum mover came true for us today, making some quick and tidy profits in the process. Congrats to anyone else who is also enjoying this ride!