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Premier Brands, Inc. BRND

We are taking a look at BRND this morning, following yesterday’s revelation that the company would be tied to former basketball star Dennis Rodman via a new brand of vodka that the athlete began tweeting about yesterday following market close.

The secret was already out in a PR released by the company yesterday morning, and a feeding frenzy to acquire the stock ensued, sending the price from a low of .0014 to .0039 where it closed with strength, just one tick below the .004 high-of-day.

Rodman’s vocal Twitter outreach is likely to attract an even wider audience than the company’s press release, so we want to watch BRND closely today for a possible continuation of the momentum that began building yesterday.

Here are few articles on the new vodka from various large outlets as they began picking up the story:
USA Today
Fox News
NBC Sports

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Extended Watchlist:
SCLR, RMTI, BRD, GSS(Coming off of lows),