Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Great Way to Start the Week

Yesterday’s Winners

We’re happy to report that two of the mentions from yesterday’s premarket newsletter yielded prime-time opportunities for our members. 

Alpha Pro Tech Ltd. APT

APT made a nice move for the second straight session; we called this one on Friday, and saw a low of 5.72 at that time. Toward the end of the day, as it did on Friday, the stock began to ramp up and set a new high for us, touching 10.47. That marks a two-day overall gain of 83% so cheer to whomever has been following along with us on this one.

Nanosphere, Inc. NSPH

NSPH was our other wildly-successful pick from yesterday, and like the aforementioned play, it too saw the bulk of its daily gain come in the latter portion of the session. The stock rose from a morning low of .70, and pushed its way to a high of 1.27 in the late afternoon.

That was good for an intraday gain of up to 81%, so cheers go out to all those who took advantage!

Options Trading – PBR

We want to touch base with our most recent options trading idea, the PBR November $16 Calls. With PBR showing some movement to the upside yesterday we did observe some positive momentum in those contracts.

We originally caught them at a low of 2.26 and they were able to reach a high of 2.63 yesterday, a 16% increase. Albeit a modest move, there is still plenty of time before expiration, so we won’t let these slip off of radar just yet.

Versar, Inc. VSR

We want to quickly put VSR on our radars today. Last week the company announced a couple of lucrative contracts, and the stock made some pretty heavy swings during yesterday’s session. It had gapped up big in the morning, and came all the way back to the 2.70’s in the afternoon before catapulting back to the 3.60 just prior to the close of the session.

We’ll be interested to monitor a play with this kind of volatility as we head into mid-week. A sharp eye could help us to catch any further opportunities that might present themselves.

Extended Watchlist: