Blue Horseshoe Stock Report for 08/24/11

Patient Access Solutions, Inc. PASO

 This is a play that we made mention of quite some time ago. Nothing really ever falls completely off of our radar, and we felt that it was time to bring this stock into the conversation once again based on a few factors. PASO ran as high as .0027 as recently as August, 3rd however, on Monday, hit its 52-week low.

In early December, the stock was .004, and ran fast to .0224, for a gain of 460%, so we know about the explosive potential in this play. For another example, in July we saw .0013 spike right up to .0027 for just over 100% gained.

Now that the stock has hit a new bottom, we are going to be on the lookout for spiking action similar to that which we have seen in the past.

For those who may not remember PASO is a medical record technology solutions provider with focused service within the healthcare community, of an overall focus of using modern technology to facilitate their client’s needs. Over a span fourteen years in the industry, PASHealth has  developed a single sign-on, web-based, ASP platform which offers electronic medical verification and claims processing.

United Treatment Centers, Inc. UTRM

UTRM is another blast from the past this morning, as long as we’re dredging the old portfolio for hidden gems that are just waiting to be dusted off, and put back into rotation.

This stock also saw its 52-week low this week, yesterday bouncing up over 60% off of that bottom. From a technical standpoint, the RSI is showing signs of coming out of a huge oversold period, and in the past few days we have seen the stock priced as low as it ever has been.

Let’s not forget the past history on this play, one that has brought a run from .0035 to .0082 ( a gain of 134%) as well as one from .0018 to .0175, for a whopping 872% gain. We can only imagine the potential for monstrous gains from here at this extreme bottom.

Let’s not forget the other plays on our radars this week, DWIS, EMXC, and EXTO. We have not forgotten them, simply took a day’s hiatus present these bottom-fishing opportunities. 


*In March of 2010, we received 750,000 restricted shares of UTRM from the company for a 3-Month Awareness Campaign. Please note the fact that we still own ALL 750,000, and have not sold a single share.