BLNK, TPTW Recaps, Options Idea

Blink Charging Co. BLNK

Yesterday morning in our extended watchlist, we tagged BLNK for observation. The stock had been making a rapid climb over the last week, and appeared set for further increases. What we ended up with, was the biggest single session gain it has managed in well over a year.

BLNK traded up from a low of 6.10, and reached a daily high of 8.50, which represents a gain of 39% and it closed with strength 8.40. Despite the fact that the stock is gapping down this morning, further continuation of momentum is not out of the question here.

TPT Global Tech, Inc. TPTW

We highlighted TPTW for tracking exactly a week ago on the morning of the 30th, at which time the stock was trading for as little as .0235 per share. The company had just announced  it had completed what it believes is a first, with a mobile turnkey coronavirus testing solution it calls Quiklab.

The stock has since put on some pretty nice gains, reaching a high of .0454 yesterday, which marks a one week upswing of 93%

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