ATWT Update, Fresh Options Ideas

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ATWT)

We’re going to kick this week off by swinging back around for an update on ATWT, which we did a special report on a couple of weeks ago.

Last week on Wednesday, the stock bounced off of support at .058 and notched a high .0745 on Friday. That’s an 3-day swing of 28% which has showed us that ATWT can make the type of quick gains that we and our readers are always after.

Take a couple of minutes to view the video chart we recorded for ATWT this morning, outlining the present positioning of the chart. 

Watch ATWT Video Chart for 09/08/20

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The Cooper Companies, Inc. COO – Options Recap

We signaled a pair of options target in the COO chain on Friday, the COO 09/18 $310-320 Calls, and saw some very nice activity on those immediately.

Both contract sets ran straight out of the gate, with the $310 Calls trading from 12.28-25.30 (+106%) and the $320’s running 116% from 8.33-18.00.

 Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 09/09 $340-338 Puts 
BYND Weekly $125 Puts

Extended Watchlist: