ATRN | Atrinsic, Inc. ( – Bottom Bounceplay


Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN is a bottom play we just discovered that could not wait another second to be put on our radar. ATRN is the proprietor of the Kazaa digital music service.

ATRN was in the $2.00+ range as recently as late October, and subsequently fell off of a cliff to below a penny following a voluntary delisting from the NASDAQ.

The stock is now finding legs in its new arena, as recent announcement of significantly increased 3rd quarter revenue has it waking up from rock bottom. We are very interested in how the storyline will play out from here, but most importantly, how we may be the beneficiaries!

With the Kazaa digital music service now being offered for the competitive price of $9.99/mo., ATRN could very well continue to see increased revenue.