ATRN, NSRS, EXTO – Today’s Stocks

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN traded over five times its 10-day average volume on Wednesday, and following our early-morning alert at .015, rocketed up 100% to close at its three cent high-of-day.

It looks like the stock is gapping up before the bell, and we are set to continue to ride this wave of momentum.

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS is another 100% gainer for us, having hit a high of .52 yesterday following our initial alert point at .25, which is good for 106% to be exact.

After seeing that huge gain, NSRS pulled back to .34, before closing out the day at .43 for an added intraday surge of 25%

We’d like to see the stock hold above .3865; a 50% retracement from the low of our alert to the high. Should we hold that support figure, we will remain bullish on NSRS

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO, as we pointed out earlier in the week, likes to bounce around between .005-.008, providing many opportunities to turn it over for a quick profit.

Yesterday the stock hit .008, so we are keeping a close watch for another brief dip before it makes another run at its resistance point.