APP, GRDO, SUNB, CRPZ, EXTO | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Sunbelt International Corp. SUNB

It seems some other groups are finally starting to catch up to the SUNB party, which is a good signal for us to start gathering our things and preparing for departure!

You have to get it where you fit in with these things, and we certainly did just that, so it is time for us to consider our exit, after enjoying a run from .165-.43 for gains topping 160%

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

GRDO on friday, closed with strong with some significant buying late in the day to finish up 22%.
We’ve got a new support level at .0008, and a key resistance point at .0012, and once the stock can break that point, its headed for blue skies…

The chart is looking nice as well:

We want to be around to see what happens after that occurs.

Convenience TV IncĀ  CRPZ

We are still watching this reader pick that has done well for us recently, with the stock having gone as high as .007. We want to continue to monitor this one in the weeks ahead for added gains.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has been trading in a tight channel from .006 to .007
We are monitoring for any substantial volume increases, which could cause another pop.

For those who remember, the stock was trading .0025 first mention this past July, and is still holding roughly half of the gains seen from hitting its high of .0129.

Our longtime followers will recall that EXTO made a 415% move after that first call.

American Apparel, Inc. APP

Here’s another past pick where the chart is setting up well; it looks like the MACD is ready to cross.

We called APP shortly after it hit its 52-wk low(.52), and enjoyed an unbelievable run to a dollar.

The stock is now trading around .71, so here we have yet another stock holding roughly 50% of its gains. So like EXTO, we will be watching APP closely because we know its potential.