Blue Horseshoe Stocks: UVXY, VXX Options & More

No Rate Hike – SPY & VXX Options Ideas

Another eagerly-anticipated FOMC meeting came and went without an interest rate hike by the Fed yesterday, and as a result we observed a dramatic rise in volatility for the markets. We expect that turbulent activity to carry over into today, and with the added caveat of it being expiration day for weekly contracts, it could give rise to some serious options-trading opportunities.

Currently we’re seeing the VXX and UVXY gapping up in the premarket this morning. We will be on the lookout for a potential bounce in the markets followed by a fade to the downside. It would be at that point we’d look to get positioned in some Weekly VXX and UVXY Calls, specifically VXX $22.50-25.50 Calls, and the UVXY $48-52.50 Calls. Alternatively, we could take advantage of the same sort of scenario with SPY Weekly $197.50-194.50 Puts.

Part of the beauty of trading options is, if by chance the markets undergo a more sustained rebound and operate contrary to our initial gut instinct, we can simply flip those ideas to the other side of the fence (Puts where we mentioned Calls, and vice-versa) while striking in the same target ranges.

Great Rock Development Co. GROC

We also want to make mention of a stock we tagged for observation in Wednesday’s report which has made a nice intraweek move. GROC traded at a low of .0055 that morning, and followed up with a couple of solid sessions.

Yesterday. the stock managed to close at .0085, which represents a 55% session-over-session increase, and it occurred on slightly more than 3.5X the average monthly trading volume.

Global Digital Solutions, Inc. GDSI

GDSI is another subpenny play that caught our eye yesterday as it rebounded off of a new 52-week low. This stock has been steadily trending down for a protracted period, and is just about reaching the point where a more significant recovery could be in the cards.

It’s self-evident on the chart below, which shows that GDSI is heavily oversold at the present time. Add in a recent bullish cross on the MACD, and this is one we’ll want to monitor more closely in coming sessions. We’ll look for it to continue to register higher highs and higher lows off of that bottom.

Extended Watchlist: