Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Midday Updates

Midday UpdatesWe wanted to send out a quick afternoon update regarding a couple of the stocks mentioned in this morning’s premarket report, and the epic performances they’re putting forth today. We’ve managed to provide our readers with not one, but two big time runners to start off the week:

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

Thus far this trading session, AXPW has traded close to 20X its 30-Day volume while at the same time running from a daily low of .0421 all the way up to an astonishing high of .126. It marks an intraday pop of 199% and calls for a hearty congratulations to anyone that caught our tag this morning!

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX

The other major performer from this morning’s report has been IGEX. This stock saw a low of .0006 this morning before running as high as .001; that’s an 83% rip on the day.

We’ll want to keep an eye on both of these plays as the week wears on, in the event that these gain opportunities could be just a precursor of what’s to come.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NUGN Recap, New Watchlist & More

NuGene International, Inc. NUGN

We entered NUGN into the mix on Friday as one to put on bottom-watch, and it instantly became the latest in a string of perfectly timed rebound plays. After taking an absolute beating during Thursday’s session, wherein the PPS decreased by roughly 40%, the stock displayed an absolute turnaround.

From its open at 2.65, NUGN made a very respectable 26% intraday move on relatively heavy volume, hitting 3.33 shortly after noon. It maintained the majority of those gains into the close (3.10), so we’ll be on the lookout for possible momentum carryover.

We’ve identified some of the key aspects of the NUGN chart here:

Adding to Our Radar:

We’ve got a few stocks we want to put on a speculative watch for various reasons as we kick things off this week:

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW – This fresh news play is the first that we want to enter as a possible new item of interest. The stock is trading massive premarket volume as the company published an interesting PR this morning. Take a look>> READ PR  

Trucept, Inc. TREP – This is a thinly-traded subpenny stock that is unusual due to its revenue-producing status. The company published its Q1 2015 financials this morning, so we want to tag this play for observation. An influx of volume could send TREP on a ride.

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX - This is a super-sub-penny momentum play for which we’ll want to reserve a spot on our watchlists. It’s began to trade up off of a relative bottom on Friday so we’ll be on the lookout for the possibility of some of that activity to spilling over into this week.

Enertopia Corp. ENRT – This is a stock that has been the subject of recent promotion. We’ve never mentioned it ourselves, but we want to put it on the radar today as it is coming off of quite a thrashing on Friday. There’s a chance it could present itself as a rebound play upon finding support.

Extended Watchlist: