AAPL, CTXV & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options
Apple surpassed the $490-mark yesterday, as we suggested it might in Friday’s newsletter. Impressive iPhone sales seem to be the catalyst here as the stock gapped up yesterday and saw a daily high of 496.91, revealing the $480-$485 Calls that we were monitoring as multi-bag gainers.

To determine our next course of action, we are going to want to watch AAPL’s attitude closely; resistance at this point appears at $498 & $500. Failure to breach those levels could result in a consolidation for which we need to be prepared.

CTX Virtual Technologies, Inc. CTXV

We have CTXV on our long-term watchlist, and while the stock is fairly illiquid at this point in time, we like the idea and business plan behind this one enough to monitor its situation going forward.

CTX manufactures a variety of mobile communication technology including basic Cell Phones, PDA’s, Smartphone’s, Printed Circuit Boards and the worlds smallest fully-functioning PC, the MISEETX. CTX also manufactures and distributes it’s proprietary 3D electronic perception technology for interactive virtual computer keyboards.

In addition to logging almost $50M in net sales for the last reporting period, the company recently received the go-ahead from BlackBerry to begin using the BlackBerry compatible logo on their VK 200 Keyfob(TM) input devices.


Extended Watchlist: