A New Earnings Season Commences

Moderna Inc. MRNA – Options Runners: 

We closed out the week on Friday morning by highlighting the nice moves made by the August contracts we’ve been tracking since June 21st,  the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls. Additionally, we included some fresh weekly targets in the MRNA Weekly $265-$280 Calls.

Despite a rather poor day for the markets in general, Moderna continued to add impressively to its recent bullish surge. The stock has been in a general upward trend for the entire year, but that really kicked into overdrive over the past week.

Here are the new highs and total increases posted by our August calls, as well as the intraday ranges and total possible gains on the weeklies. Very impressive figures across the board: 

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-93.23 (+297%)
$200: 18.00-88.85 (+394%)
$210: 13.55-78.66 (+480%)

MRNA Weekly $265-$280 Calls

$195: 9.30-24.00 (+158%)
$200: 6.05-19.05 (+214%)
$210: 3.50-13.97 (+299%)
$195: 1.27-9.95 (+683%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

Just a reminder, another earnings season is going to heat up quickly with hundreds of companies slated to report this week, hundreds more next week, and so on. The remainder of July and much of August should yield a wealth of opportunities in that department.

This morning we’re going to be looking at a potential post-earnings play in Auto Nation and a chart play idea for Airbnb:

AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls
ABNB 09/17 $135-145 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

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Invesco Solar (ETF) TAN – Recap

On Thurday’s morning, we were getting strong bullish signals from the solar sector, and in order to stay on top of that trend we decided to track a set of options ideas in the TAN chain, with TAN being to the solar space what the SPY is to the markets as a whole.

Our targets were the TAN 10/16 $54-56 Calls and we saw some very nice activity from those plays on Friday.

TAN 10/16 $54-56 Calls
$54: 3.10-4.60 (+48%)
$55: 1.90-4.21 (+122%)
$56: 1.75-3.60 (+106%)

We also had signaled the TCOM 10/16 $27-29 Calls for observation on Friday morning, and those saw some solid intraday gains.

TCOM 10/16 $27-29 Calls 
$27: 2.62-3.47 (+32%)
$28: 1.88-2.81 (+49%)
$29: 1.18-2.06 (+75%)

All American Gold Corp. AAGC

We will also provide an update on AAGC which we mentioned on Wednesday morning. We observed a subsequent low of .0008 and to close out the week with a bang, the stock hit a new high of .0024.

This subpenny runner amounted to potential gains of up to 200% and was a good diversion from our typical big board options interests.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
THO 10/16 $100-105 Calls
UBER Weekly $34.50-36 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

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Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA – Options

Yesterday, those of our readers following our recent coverage of TSLA were once again presented with opportunities coming out of the 05/22 $230-240 Calls that we’ve been monitoring since Friday. TSLA registered a higher high and a higher low for the fifth consecutive session, topping out at 248.30. As a result, the total possible gains on our initial calls were pushed even further into the green, so we wanted to provide an update on those figures:

$230 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 6.85 – Yesterday’s High: 17.95 – Max Gain: 162%

$232.50 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 5.32 – Yesterday’s High: 16.90 – Max Gain: 217%

$235 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 5.96 – Yesterday’s High: 13.95 – Max Gain: 134%

$237.50 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 3.16 – Yesterday’s High: 12.00  – Max Gain: 280%

$240 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 3.84 – Yesterday’s High: 10.50 – Max Gain: 173%

These moves are a perfect example of what draws us to options trading; with just a 6% increase in TSLA stock, we’ve witnessed huge gains across the board in the options chain. These contracts don’t expire until next Friday, so we’ll keep our fingers on TSLA’s pulse until that time.

AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACRX

Popping up on our scanner this morning is a play that has both an interesting chart as well as a blockbuster PR out today that is leading to a gap-up in premarket trading (3.30-3.80’s).

We’re catching the stock as it comes up off of a relative bottom, and as we point out on the snapshot below, there are several attractive features of the current ACRX chart.

Couple that with this morning’s revelation of a contract the company has struck with the US Dept. of Defense, and ACRX becomes instantly worthy of our attention as the week draws to a close.

Discovery Laboratories, Inc. DSCO

Speaking of pharma stocks with fresh news, DCSO is also cropping up on our scanner this morning. Like the aforementioned play, this morning/s PR is resulting in a gap-up, and we’ll want to have our eyes peeled for potential advantageous activity on the chart once the session commences.

According to the release, Phase II testing of its AEROSURF® product has yielded “encouraging safety and physiological data suggest that aerosolized KL4 surfactant can be delivered to the lung of premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome”

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