ZNGA, EMWW & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Zynga, Inc. ZNGA

We mentioned ZNGA this week as a stock that had reached a bottom, trading at new all-time lows. Yesterday the stock touched 7.34 before bouncing to hit 8.14 for an 11% possible intraday gain.

Taking a glance at the ZNGA Chart, the stock looks like it may be ready to break its downtrend, with all indicators suggesting that ZNGA could be ready to come off of being oversold. Pre-market activity this morning suggests that we could see a gap-up.

Makers of the popular social network game, Farmville (and others), we expect some very interesting action in the weeks ahead for this company, as Facebook gears up for their much-anticipated IPO.

This is the first time we have mentioned an option in our newsletter, but we’d like to point out the ZNGA $10 Call (June 16th Expiration), which traded between .30-.40 yesterday.

Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. EMWW

EMWW has been on our watchlist since the end of April. The stock was trading as low as .004 following that alert, and ran as high as .0125; a possible gain of 213%

Subsequent to that run, it saw a low of .0052, and has been making higher lows off of that bottom.

EMWW is also getting a “Buy” Rating at Barchart.com

Anticipation grows for the next PR from EMWW, which some believe could come as promptly as this week.


Extended Watchlist:
EVDR, EVPH (bottom-bouncers)