VPER, MELY & Today’s Stock Watchlist

Microelectronics Technology Co. MELY

MELY was first added to our radar on Mar. 8th; At the time the stock was trading at .35. Yesterday we observed an increase in volume, and as a result, the buying pressure took the stock as high as .40, a 14% gain from our first alert.Rumors around the campfire suggest that a big promotion on MELY could be in the works, so we’ll certainly stay on top of that for you, and report it as it comes.

This isnt the first play on which our timing was way in advance of the promo crowd, and it wont be the last.

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER was a great call for us yesterday. The stock was brand new to our newsletter, and being as low as .0018, shot to .005. That’s a one day intraday move of 177%  It managed to close up  78%  at .0041 on the day on nearly five times its 3mo average volume.

VPER was profiled Tuesday night on Stock Traders Talk Radio, so if anyone would like to check out a good spot to start their DD on VPER, that’s one place to start.

The chart on VPER experienced the MACD cross we expected on Tuesday. The histogram flipped as well, thus we are still on the lookout for additional gains from VPER.

VPER helped us to grab the number one gainer spot for Tuesday from our friends over at Penny Stock Rumble, one of the best newsletter watch sites out there.

Today’s Extended Watchlist:
ERII, TEFR, IDOI (We apologize for a typo yesterday, wherein we mentioned this play as ‘IDIO’)