VPER, MELY, IRBL, IDOI & Today’s Special Announcement

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER was as low as .001 yesterday following our alert on Tuesday. Yesterday, the stock hit a high of .0056, for a possible gain of up to 211%

An excellent two-bag turnover in just two sessions.

Microelectronics Technology Co. MELY

MELY opened up, hitting new highs at .45 on Wednesday, marking a 29% increase from our initial alert at .35. It did, however close at its low-of-day, .37, mitigated somewhat by the fact that the support held higher than its level of the previous day.

The company also had news out:
MONARCH BAY, Calif., March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Microelectronics Technology Co.( OTC-BB: MELY.PK – News):Microelectronics Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of negotiations of an initial round of convertible preferred financing in the amount of $240,000.00 by an arms length private Small Cap Venture fund.

Inrob Tech, Ltd. IRBL

We alerted IRBL on Mar. 9th, at which time the stock ran from .0039 to .0086. for a 120% gain. This stock was squeezed down to .0029 on Wednesday, whereafter it shot up 165% to .0077, eventually closing out the day at .0072.

That’s multiple times in a week, that IRBL afforded us the opportunity to witness high triple-digit gains. We are certainly going to want to monitor this play moving forward.

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

IDOI first appeared on our radar on Feb. 6th. Since that time, we’ve seen it touch a low of .37. Wednesday, we saw some unusual volume stream into the stock on some pretty large block-trades. We also witnessed a new high of .47, representing a modest yet respectable 27% gain.

You know you’re doing well when a 27% gain seems small, but in all honesty, we feel as if the gains could just be unfolding.


Please keep a lookout for a big new play that we just saw bounce off of its 52wk low for a fast 50% intraday gain. Recently oversold, it appears to now be recovering from that, and we feel it could be the subject of upcoming promotions, thus we wanted to be one of the first to bring it to your attention.

Fifteen minutes after the opening bell, you should be watching your inbox, or navigating to our blog, to receive this exciting prospect.

VPER, MELY & Today’s Stock Watchlist

Microelectronics Technology Co. MELY

MELY was first added to our radar on Mar. 8th; At the time the stock was trading at .35. Yesterday we observed an increase in volume, and as a result, the buying pressure took the stock as high as .40, a 14% gain from our first alert.Rumors around the campfire suggest that a big promotion on MELY could be in the works, so we’ll certainly stay on top of that for you, and report it as it comes.

This isnt the first play on which our timing was way in advance of the promo crowd, and it wont be the last.

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER was a great call for us yesterday. The stock was brand new to our newsletter, and being as low as .0018, shot to .005. That’s a one day intraday move of 177%  It managed to close up  78%  at .0041 on the day on nearly five times its 3mo average volume.

VPER was profiled Tuesday night on Stock Traders Talk Radio, so if anyone would like to check out a good spot to start their DD on VPER, that’s one place to start.

The chart on VPER experienced the MACD cross we expected on Tuesday. The histogram flipped as well, thus we are still on the lookout for additional gains from VPER.

VPER helped us to grab the number one gainer spot for Tuesday from our friends over at Penny Stock Rumble, one of the best newsletter watch sites out there.

Today’s Extended Watchlist:
ERII, TEFR, IDOI (We apologize for a typo yesterday, wherein we mentioned this play as ‘IDIO’)

IRBL, SNPK, EFFI, VGTL & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Inrob Tech, Ltd. IRBL

IRBL was added to our watchist on Friday morning, as we observed a consolidation after huge run-up, timing the bounce perfectly. Opening at .0039, the stock ran on over four times its 3mo average volume, and closed up 118%, one tick below the high of day (.0085).

The next key resistance to break will be .0094, which was the high on Thursday.

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. SNPK

SNPK had another nice day on Friday, with the massive promotion behind it continuing to bring much higher than average volume.  The stock hit a high of .62. From where we picked up on this promo on Thursday afternoon, that’s over 60%

This morning, we are seeing premarket trades above Friday’s resistance point, so it would seem the trend will continue for the time being.

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

EFFI has news out this morning.We have been following this play for quite some time. The stock found support at .13 last week, and held nicely. We are interested to see if this morning’s PR can give EFFI the boost it needs for its next leg up.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving EFFI a “Buy” Rating as well.

TULSA, Okla., March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — EffTec International, Inc. (OTC PK: EFFI), provider of a leading HVAC water-cooled chiller optimization solution, is pleased to announce that the Company has executed a Distribution Agreement with a major Energy Service Company (ESCO) in the Philadelphia, PA area. The ESCO provides a broad range of comprehensive energy savings solutions, and has a broad network of customers, including several Fortune 500 companies in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Consumer Goods and Software industries. The Distribution Agreement allows for EffTec’s innovative EffTrack(TM) System to be offered as a part of the ESCO’s suite of energy-saving products and solutions.

VGTel, Inc. VGTL

We added VGTL to our radars on the 8th of March. At the time, the stock was trading as low as .60. To Friday’s high of day at .74, that represents possible gains of 23%

Volume was was strong on both Thursday and Friday, with over 300K shares having traded each day. We are interested to see how that carries over into this week.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: