VGTL, MELY, FROI, UNDR, IRBL | Today’s Stock Watchlist

VGTel, Inc. VGTL


Microelectronics Technology Co. MELY

These two plays both recently had news out, (VGTL News, MELY News) Over the past couple of days, we have seen an increase in volume on both of these stocks, as accumulation seems to have gotten underway in both cases.

As a result of the recent influx of activity, we will monitor VGTL and MELY on our watchlists, attempting to anticipate their next moves. On a side note, VGTL is also currently being promoted, just another reason to see how things play out with that one.

Fero Industries, Inc. FROI

FROI is beginning to exhibit signs of a recovery off its bottom, with a solid level of support at .008. The MACD is setting up nicely, and the RSI is above 50; right where we like to see it.

UnderSea Recovery Corporation UNDR

UNDR has been a great flipping stock since we added it to our radar.  Yesterday, it held above the 200-day moving average of .0018, precisely as like we had hoped. Moving forward we would like to see UNDR continue to hold above that 200dma.

Inrob Tech, Ltd IRBL

IRBL came up on a bunch of scanners yesterday trading much higher than average volume, as a result we are adding it to our radars. We always love a good sub-penny momentum play, and IRBL fits that category.