TVIX, ENKG, GSPT – Hot Stocks Today

VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short Term ETN (NYSE:TVIX)

From our call on Tuesday, TVIX has made higher lows and higher highs each day, and even provided gains of almost 25% from its low around 52.00, up to nearly 65.00

Technical indicators still paint this fund as bullish, and we are still expecting to see it recover some of the ground it lost recently coming down from more than $100

It appears as if there is a nice level of support in the 50-52.00 range. If the fund dips down to that level again, we will go back into acquisition mode, as that is where we would likely see another bounce.

Godfather Media, Inc. ENKG

ENKG showed us surges of 90% or greater twice this week, on what turned out to be quite a rollercoaster ride. It appears that for the moment the company’s shift in focus has garnered it some extra attention, and increased price action.

This stock, in the triple-zero range just days ago, is now searching for support as it consolidates down to the .002-.003 level.

Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. GSPT

GSPT was a great call for us yesterday. The stock closed up 33%, though at one point was up as high as .008 for a possible gain of 45%

GSPT has been as high as .03 as recently as September, and as high as .075 back in June. A return to those levels would mean gains anywhere from 300-900% from here, and it does now seem like the stock is waking up off of a bottom.

Yesterday, we pointed out the similarities between GSPT and ENKG, chartwise. We feel that with the possibility for opportunity ahead, we will likely be covering these plays through next week.