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Sky Power Solutions Corp.

SPOW is new to our report today. We’ve taken a look back into the stock’s history to find some impressive runs. Having traded over a dollar in July, it seems that SPOW found its bottom only yesterday near .30.

It seems there is a solid level of support here, and SPOW has begun its recovery, leaving us primed and ready for today’s session.

 Sky Power produces Cathode Material for the use in Lithium Ion Rechargeable batteries. Li-ion Motors has successfully moved Sky Power Solutions’ nano and sub-micron materials from laboratory to industrial scale.

Godfather Media, Inc. ENKG

ENKG found a level of support at .0018 on Thursday, before closing at .0024. We alluded to the fact that the stock was searching for support as it consolidated in yesterday morning’s report, and that is just what ended up transpiring.