THWI, OMVE & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Thwapr, Inc. THWI

Within the past month, THWI has exploded 1336% from .0055 to .079. The stock ran into resistance at the 200DMA. After such a surge, consolidation, which we’ve been seeing over the past couple of weeks, is to be expected.

THWI has been maintaining support above the 20DMA, and has made higher lows for the past five sessions. To us, that seems like a recipe for another possible breakout.

Apart from a nice chart setup, the company has had a slew of PR’s over the past few weeks that we’ve linked to below. We’ve also included a video chart for your convenience.

Recent Press:

Thwapr Executes on Channel Partner Strategy in Asia -06/11

Thwapr to Localize Its iPhone App for China -06/04

Thwapr Takes Steps to Protect Its Patent-Pending Technology in China -05/31

Thwapr, Inc. Provides Corporate Update on Asia Progress and Asian Outlook -05/29


Omni Ventures, Inc. OMVE

Having seen higher lows for four consecutive sessions following a bounce off of its bottom, OMVE is another play that we dug up in our search for new blood.

Our penny-sense is starting to tingle, as all the chart indicators seem to be ripening up. We’ve generally observed, that once a stock moves past its 200DMA, a breakout often follows. That said, we’re looking at .22 (200DMA) as the next key area of resistance.

We’ve provided you with a video chart for OMVE as well:


We also wanted to congratulate anyone who was able to take advantage of our calls from yesterday’s report. Both YIPI and ARNA enjoyed solid performances during yesterday’s trading. Both stocks closed near their high-of-day on abnormally high volume.


Extended Watchlist: