Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Happy Veteran’s Day

Achillion Pharmceuticals, Inc. ACHN

Those of you who don’t remember, we followed ACHN to enormous gains this past summer, beginning with our first mention of the stock on June 9th. After that time we actually saw this play run from a low of 3.72 to more than 13.00.

We re-tagged it in yesterday’s extended watchlist and were happy with the timing;  the stock traded in a range from 10.67 up to 12.95, a healthy 21% intraday move on more than four times the 1-month average volume.

Planar Systems, Inc. PLNR

We also wanted to do a quick update on PLNR. This stock came off of our extended watchlist on Thursday, and made a modest 15% move from 6.11-7.05, and it put up a similar performance to start the week yesterday.

We saw a move from 6.40-7.94, an intraday gain of 24%, and at the high, an overall increase of 30% from Thursday’s observed low.

Implant Sciences Corp. IMSC

We also want to keep an eye on IMSC today, as we’re seeing the stock gap up this morning on the heels of a PR that alluded to the securing of a contract with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that apparently could be worth up to $162M.

Extended Watchlist: