Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FDX, RAS Recaps & More

FedEx Corp. FDX

On Tuesday morning, we had a set FDX options ideas that were among our main focal points. Avid readers will recall that we signaled our interest in Weekly FDX $140-145 Calls, and over the course of the last three days, with the exception of the $140’s, each set of contracts put up noteworthy intraweek swings.

The following trading ranges represent the lows from the day of our initial calls to yesterday’s highs:

$141 Calls – Trading Range: 4.06-12.19  – Max Gain: 200%
$142 Calls – Trading Range: 3.39-14.40  – Max Gain: 325%
$143 Calls – Trading Range: 2.98-11.86  – Max Gain: 299%
$144 Calls – Trading Range: 2.55-10.65 – Max Gain: 318%
$145 Calls – Trading Range: 3.01-11.60 – Max Gain: 285%

RAIT Financial Trust  RAS

We’d also like to update our readers on the progress of RAS since we tagged it as a possible bottom play on Tuesday after noticing it recording new 52-week lows on Monday. The stock has managed to post gains for each of the three sessions since then, meaning that our timing in catching the bottom was essentially flawless.

Our observed low on RAS was 2.30, and it gradually stair-stepped its way to a high of 2.84 yesterday. That marks a steady rise of 23% and a confirmed three-day uptrend, the continued signs of which we’ll be watching for in coming sessions.

Fresh Options Idea –  Blackberry Ltd. BBRY

BBRY is gapping up on earnings beat this morning- Wall Street was expecting a fourteen-cent loss per share and the company only posted a three-cent loss per share. We’ll look to take advantage of the current conditions by looking for a dip-and-rip on BBRY. If things go as we suspect they might, we’ll want to watch Weekly 7.50-8.50 Calls for what could be significant intraday swings today.

Cardinal Resources, Inc. CDNL

We were tracking CDNL at the end of last month and the stock went on to make a nice move of 167%  as it ran from .0225 to .06. After consolidating down to a low of .03 last Tuesday, it has made another nice move to yesterday’s high of .068, another swing of 147%

We’ll keep CDNL on our radars moving forward, watching for the setting of higher highs and higher lows. There still appears to be room for the chart to grow in the near-term.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CAPV & CDNL’s Explosive Moves & More

Cabo Verde Capital, Inc. CAPV
It’s only taken CAPV two sessions since we alerted the stock on Friday to reach superstar status. Even after offering up gains of more than 320% following its appearance in our premarket report on Friday, the stock wasn’t finished.

We issued a reminder in yesterday’s premarket report that despite having already made a big move, the stock was still a prime candidate to continue its momentum. What actually happened was more akin to another explosion, as CAPV ran from an early low of .0205 to an astonishing high of .077 on roughly seven times its 30-day average volume.

It goes down in the log as an intraday run of 276% and stretches the overall move we’ve observed in only two sessions to a whopping 1183%

We’ll remain interested in CAPV for its potential intraday swing capability provided it continues to maintain higher levels of support.

Cardinal Resources, Inc. CDNL

The other big winner yesterday was CDNL which we began tracking heavily on Tuesday of last week. By Friday, it had amassed six consecutive sessions of logging higher lows, and made a run from our witnessed low of .0057 to .0245; a 330% swing.

Like the aforementioned play, we reminded readers in yesterday’s newsletter that  CDNL could very well continue its own momentum into this week, and were very pleased with the results.

The stock surged from a morning low of .0233 and went on to hit .06. It marked an intraday pop of 158% and a total increase of 953% over the low we observed last Tuesday. A huge congratulations goes out to any of our readers who were tracking these stocks along with us in recent sessions, and were able to take advantage of these insanely monstrous moves.

More Momentum Movers

Speaking of momentum plays with which we’ve been familiar in the past, we have yet another pair of stocks to re-mention this morning.

AEterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS

AEZS logged its new 52-week low on Friday and immediately began to bounce back. It then followed that up with a huge day to kick off the week yesterday, so between that and the fact that it traded record volume, we need to put this play on close watch. The stock has traded as high as 11.50 in premarket trading today, and we’ll look for it to hold support at or above the channel between the 50DMA of 6.69 and recent swing-high around 7.50 on any pullbacks.


Magnum Hunter Resorces Corp. MHRC

We introduced MHRC last Monday as a potential recovery play, and it has steadily advanced on the chart in the six sessions since that alert. We saw the stock trading at .021 that first day, and yesterday it had reached as high as .0415; a 98% swing in a single week.

It serves as a great example of why we’re constantly looking for stocks rebounding off of their 52-week lows, and up to this point MHRC has been a textbook play in that regard.

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Afternoon Updates & Watchlist

Axxess Pharma, Inc. AXXE

After appearing in this morning’s alert, AXXE traded as high as .459 before dipping back to .30, and has come back to .393 as of the time of this publication. From that bottom, it represents an opportunity for an intraday 31%. When added to the many swings that we’ve observed from this bouncy stock since we began following it, the cumulative gains add up to nearly 100%  Volatile stocks like these can be good for rapid gains if properly timed, and we’ve seen evidence of that in AXXE.

Today’s PR:

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

We’d also like to include an update on FREE, which we recently began tracking on September 10th, when we stated that we were on the lookout for the “next areas of resistance to come at .33 and .38,”.

This afternoon we’re happy to report that yesterday’s trading broke the low barrier at .33. and today the stock punched through the .38-mark to hit a high of .50.

From the low following 09/10 (.2213), today’s high equates to a 126% increase in just over a week.

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