Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SINO & PBR Updates

Sino-Global Shipping America Ltd. SINO

In yesterday’s newsletter, we mentioned that SINO was gapping up sharply in premarket trading, and as a result we would be on the lookout for a classic dip-and-rip pattern. That’s precisely what we got as SINO would settle into a low of 3.31 very early on, before springing back to run to a daily high of 4.69, which incidentally happened to be a new annual high as well.

In total the move was enough to secure up to 41% in intraday profits on incredible volume, to the tune of more than 58x the 3-month average.

This definitely signals a strong week for us; it marks the second consecutive session that a stock appearing in our pre-market report went on to set a new one-year high!

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR- Options

The PBR Calls that we tagged in yesterday’s pre-market report fared extremely well as PBR once again surged past the $17-mark, and even cracked $18 briefly in the afternoon. The bullish run resulted in the $16.50 Calls trading up from .92 to 1.35, for a 47% intraday run, and the $17 Calls making an even better move. They started from a low .56 and spiked 105% to 1.15.

At this point our winning calls involving the PBR options chain, spanning back from early this spring, are too many to count. It has indeed been a wellspring that we’ve returned to time and again, and have almost always met with positive results.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking to roll our strike price up a bit to the $17 & $17.50 Calls, and in the event that PBR re-breaches and holds the $18-level, possibly even consider moving it up further to the $18’s and $18.50’s.

Extended Watchlist: