Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EAPH Updates & More

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH
As we wrap up this short trading week, we thought we’d touch upon EAPH, a stock that has done big things for us this year. Some of our readers may recall our very first tag of this play back in January, around which time we observed the stock trading at a subpenny low of .0041.

By early February, less than a month later, EAPH shot up to a high of .0989 (+2300%) easily making it one of our top ten calls so far in 2014.

Since that huge run, there have been quite a few swings to follow, but the overall trend was toward consolidation, which over the past few months brought EAPH back to Earth. The stock bounced off of a low of .011 on 06/25, and over the past several sessions, has begun to recover some ground. Yesterday in particular brought EAPH close to the .02-mark, falling just shy with a high-of-day of .0197.

We’ll be paying closer attention to EAPH in sessions to come now that it has bounced off of support and is attempting to make up some of the ground lost in recent months. Key resistance is around the .021 level.

It’s just one of the marijuana-relatedstocks that began to feel a surge of life this week, as we suggested might happen in Tuesday morning’s report. Washington State’s legal sales will effectively begin next week, when the Liquor Control Board expects to issue the first retail licenses.

American Apparel, Inc. APP

APP, a stock that we have turned to for reliable profits year after year, has done exactly as we suggested when we brought it back to our reports on April 15th, noting that we were heading into the time of year when APP traditionally provides well for us; the stock was trading at a low of .47 around that time.

APP ran to more than .70 later that month, began to taper back into the .50-range and recently, on June 27th, the stock surged to hit a high of a dollar even, marking an overall move of 112%

As the stock consolidates off of that major spike, we will be watching for support, and the chance for possible bounceplay opportunities. The previous resistance area from .78-.82 is where we’ll be looking for support to hold. As the holiday retail season approaches, we will keep a continuous watch over APP.

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