Blue Horseshoe Stocks: INCC Update, AAPL, NEWL & Extended Watchlist

International Consolidated Companies, Inc. INCC

Our anticipation of a possible dip-and-rip scenario on INCC yesterday proved to be warranted, and the stock actually provided us with a number of intraday swings.

To start the day off, the stock made two significant moves, each time running 25% from .0032-.004. Toward midday we witnessed another dip to .003, and a subsequent rip on up to .0039, adding another 30% in potential gains. Finally, we saw one last swing from .0033-.0039, an 18% move, which brought our possible gains for the session to a cumulative total of 98%

INCC put in quite a good performance for a first day alert, and we’ll monitoring this one as the week progresses for the same type of volatility that offered us those chances to profit on Monday.

Apple, Inc. AAPL

Last Wednesday, we commented on the Apple-Beats rumor, as well as speculating that AAPL could be in for a run-up, and that has certainly come to pass. Our call of 604.40 as a pivot point proved accurate, as we stated that a break of that level had the potential to give way to more significant gains.

That brings us up to yesterday’s session, where AAPL went on to set a new 52-week high at 607.33. We expect AAPL Calls to continue to do well in the midst of this uptrend, and as our regular rteaders are aware, we’ve made astonishing gains from the AAPL Options Chain in the past.

NewLead Holdings Ltd. NEWL

Sometimes in the course of attempting to track to biggest potential gainers, we find that it can take several sessions for a pick to mature. Such was the case with NEWL, as we showed up slightly early to the party. The most important thing, however, was that we showed up.

We began tracking NEWL for a bottom a couple of Fridays ago, and while we were attempting to sniff out a low, the company announced a significant 1-for-50 reverse split. As the stock attempts to normalize following that major development, we are seeing a massive surge in both PPS and volume.

We will definitely be tracking NEWL more closely following this cleaning up of the share structure, as well as other developments that have been recently announced.

Extended Watchlist: