PROT, VRNG, APPL, RSH | Today’s Stocks

Proteonomix, Inc. PROT

PROT had a positive day on Monday, gaining 12.9% on the day, opening at the low of day at .62, and closing at the high of day at .70.

From July to September this stock made a drastic move from .40 all the way up to 2.95. Following that big run, we observed a sharp selloff, and a subsequent gap down. On October 1st the stock was at 1.60, and on the 2nd, it opened at .70. It then retraced to its original support level at .40.

We would now like to see PROT break past the .78-.88 range, because as you can see on the chart above, there is a large gap to fill on up to 1.40, so we really want to pay close attention moving forward so as not to miss that possibility.


Vringo, Inc.  VRNG

VRNG is another well timed hot stock from our watchlist yesterday that is really performing nicely. Opening at 4.90, and hitting a high of 5.57, made possible gains of 14% during Monday’s session. The high of 5.57 also marks the stock’s 52-week high.

Volume and momentum has steadily been increasing over the past few sessions as the stock has begun to break out. While we enjoy playing a hot hand, it is always important to remember when it’s time to pull the rip-cord and protect our investing dollars. There is certainly always the chance that momentum will subside, and we just want to make sure to prepare our exit strategy in the event that the stock takes a turn for the worse.

Apple, Inc. APPL

Apple has been undergoing a selloff, and we want to observe carefully for a turnaround. We will be looking to enter some Calls when that happens, as earnings are due later this month, and with this stock, there is always that tendency to run into earnings reports, especially with the new iPhone having just been released.


RSH is hovering off of its 52-wk lows, a nice chance for a bottom play. We certainly need to keep an eye on Radio Shack.