Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Plays, Updates & More

BioNovelus, Inc. ONOV

For the third day in a row we’re bringing our readers up to speed on new highs for ONOV, a stock we’ve been tracking since  April from a low of .006, which has been continuing to break out like crazy this week.

We said in was in blue-sky territory in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and it did indeed continue to soar into the atmosphere. From an early low-of-day at .11 it got a boost all the way up to its new high of .15. It went down in the books as a 36% intraday pop, and a megalithic move of 2400% over our witnessed low from earlier this spring!

Cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to carve out a slice of the ONOV pie, it’s been quite a ride thus far!

Bottom-Play Possibilities:

As most of our audience is surely aware by now, we love a good bottom-bounceplay opportunity, and in the past, catching stocks that have taken recent beating at just the right moment has served us quite well. We’ve got a couple of potentials in that arena this morning that we’ll want to have an eye on over the next few sessions.

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INFI – This is a classic case of negative hype and unfavorable news simultaneously converging to form a perfect storm of stock bashing. Just look at the massive gap on the chart, even a partial re-filling of which would produce sizable gain opportunities. The enormous selloff which occurred led to new lows, but INFI gave something of a bounce signal during yesterday’s session, so we’ll be quite interested to see how the activity unfolds from this juncture.

FXCM, Inc. FXCM – Also giving off a strong bottom signal is FXCM, a stock we rode to multi-bag gains back in December. We want to come back and give some attention to this play as it has come down to find support near its 6-month lows, and appears ready for a possible rebound. We’ll want to be watching for when that occurs.

Extended Watchlist:
CRDS, MUX, AG, NUGT, GDX, AEGR(Bottom-Watch)