SEFE, MSLP, RSRS, ICPA, ISML & Today’s Extended Watchlist


We first alerted SEFE back on Apr. 4th, and at that time, the stock was trading as low as 1.10. We mentioned that a wave of promotional activity was in the cards for SEFE, and gave everyone an early head-start.

We also mentioned that one the stock nbroke past 1.25, we would enter blue-sky breakout mode, and as the recent SEFE chart shows, that is clearly the case.

Volume and PPS were at all-time highs on Friday. Total possible gains since our first mention of the stock have reached 59%

Muscle Pharm Corp MSLP

We put MSLP on the back burner after its big run following our first call Mar. 20th. The stock has since made a 213% gain for us, running from .012-.0375.

MSLP found its support at around .015, as we notice a bounceback in progress, with Friday’s volume being over 3X the 3mo average, and the PPS jumping back over .02.

Should the stock return to previous highs from this point (.0239), we are looking at gains upwards of another 57%.

Regency Resources Inc. RSRS

RSRS reminds us a lot of SEFE, in that it has pronounced promotional activities taking place. 1.35 is going to be a key breakout level; should the resistance in the low 1.30’s be broken, we could see a breakout, the likes of which we saw with SEFE.

We saw the tree being shaken towards the end of last week, giving new traders an opportunity to get in below a dollar, and offering us a chance to average down.

We are beginning to see newsletter activity pick up on RSRS, especially over this past weekend, so it will be interesting to see how that plays into an already exciting scenario. It almost seems commonplace now, for other promotional groups to which we have no affiliation to jump on the plays we have already been covering. It brings extra eyes to the stock, and as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery, so we salute our peers for trying to be more like us!

IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA continued to rock out for us on Friday, reaching a new high for the 2012 calendar year (.0194, up 2325% from our original call at .0008)  We are very proud to point out this example of why we never let a stock that we’ve covered to stray too far from our radars. It doesn’t always happen overnight, and ICPA took its sweet time, but the rewards were astonishingly lofty, and well worth the wait.

ISM International, Inc. ISML

ISML was a good opportunity for a quick intraday trade on Friday (ran from .12-.22 for a possible 83% gain), and though up considerably, we are still allowing for the possibility of even more added gains.


Extended Watchlist: