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ISM International, Inc. ISML

ISML saw record volume on Thursday, trading over a million shares. The stock broke past a key resistance area from .09-.10, running as high as .13.

More than 1000% has been gained by ISML since December, and it is only just starting to catch some real momentum.

The chart is heavily indicating uptrend, and we are really digging the increasing interest from the stock trading community.

Recent News from ISML 04/13/12

ISM INTERNATIONAL INC announce today that  it had acquired 50% of “ALL IN ONE WIRELESS” provider of T-MOBILE 4G, DIRECT TV, CLEAR wireless internet with Wi-Fi, ADT Home Security, SPRINT/ Business and Individual.

“ALL IN ONE WIRELESS will help you to save money each month on products ranging from Satellite TV, 4G Wireless Internet with unlimited usage, Cell phones and Cell Services.” – Ken Young, founder of All in One Wireless.

“This acquisition will help ISM to reach more people and increase its revenue. ISM plans to acquire more small companies in the near future and create 300 jobs within the next year,” – Mario Quenneville, CEO

About ISM International: ISML ( is a consolidation of business, technologists and entrepreneurs who have formed a diversified company specializing in the development of GREEN PRODUCTS. ISM products and designs will to enhance the value for its shareholders through innovation and technology.

ISML is receiving a rare “100% Buy Rating” from


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