Recent Gainers Round-Up & FERN

We wanted to start the week off by patting ourselves on the back for all of the recent success that we’ve been having. From mining to pharmaceuticals, we have been touching upon several gainers that seem to come from every direction. The following are some of the stocks that have padded our pockets of late, as well as what they have done for us, and when they appeared on our watchlists.

Recent Alert: November 28th

Trading Range: 1.04-1.51

Max Gain: 45%



Recent Alerts: October 22nd, Nov 20th

Trading Ranges: .006-.024, .005-.0299

Max Gains: 300% & 498% Respectively



Recent Alert: November 16th

Trading Range: .03-.065

Max Gain: 117%



Recent Alert: October 26th

Trading Range: .08-.18

Max Gain: 125%


Fernhill Corp. FERN

We are always glad to get a look at a junior mining play like FERN; as the above stocks GMXS & CGRA show, they can often provide ample gains. FERN is a newly traded stock that has as yet flown under the radar, trading from .02-.08 on extremely light volume over the past couple of months. We seem to be one of the first groups to cover this play, and we decided to bring it to you early, as we very often do. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more interest start to crop up as others catch on, and more coverage start to arise.One thing we like about coming across a brand new stock, is that we get to monitor it from infancy, get a feel for how the company does business, and put ourselves in the best position to take advantage. We try to bring as many of these fledgling companies to to forefront as possible, because you never know when another GMXS or CGRA is going to come along.The company released its first PR yesterday, introducing itself and alluding to its activity. It would seem now is an excellent chance at a ground floor opportunity, thus we are going to be monitoring the progress of FERN moving forward.


LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwire – Dec 2, 2012) – Fernhill Corporation, ( PINKSHEETS : FERN ) is incorporated in Nevada and is a development-stage exploration and mining company. The primary business of the Company is an exploration and mining company focused on identifying and developing advanced stage precious metal exploration projects. It is engaged in the business to identify, explore, develop and operate mineral exploration properties, and to provide mine exploration and operation services to mining properties located throughout North America.

The company is nearing a final agreement with its British Columbia, Canadian mining initiative. Additional analysis of the property will be completed over the next few days with a selection and agreement following thereafter. Both parties will then, with their respective legal teams, work out the details of the contract which we hope to be completed in the coming days. The final points of negotiations include financial commitments, net smelter royalties and amount of preferred stock in exchange for the target assets.

The property does have both an intriguing blend of substantial maturity and promising future development expectations.

Management stated, “We have a number of potential options on the table, but have narrowed this property as its number one prospect to date.”


Fernhill Corporation is a natural resource project generation and royalty business incorporated in Nevada with operations targeted throughout North America. 

Fernhill Corporation is focused on the mining and resources sector through prospect generation, and the creation and acquisition of royalties. The Company prefers to generate partnerships or corporate structures related to the opportunities it generates, which results in the Corporation carrying minority and non-operating project or equity interests and/or royalty interests.  The Company’s business model and operating philosophy will increase value for shareholders of Fernhill Corporation through cyclical market conditions. The company intends to build a solid reputation around its percentage of successful mineral project generation initiatives that it intends to further build upon.