PAWS, PNCH, SKTO, PLUG & Extended Watchlist

PAWS Pet Company, Inc. PAWS

We brought you PAWS in yesterday’s extended watchlist. The stock opened at .0196, only to run 308%, trading as high as .08 on much greater-than-average volume. After pulling back to .023, we saw a bounce back to .04, another 74% move.

It is not that often that we see a stock pull in nearly 400% in total gains in a single trading session, so we are chalking up yesterday’s call of PAWS to a big win.


IC Punch Media, Inc. PNCH

PNCH, on Monday, saw its eighth straight day of gains. It opened up strong, breaking a penny in the first half-hour of trading. During lunchtime, the stock saw a drastic pullback to .0075 where it held firm support. PNCH then punched through to hit a new high of .0109 into the close.

We called for yesterday’s pullback, and stated that we wanted to see it hold support at .0065, which it did. We would, of course, like to see .0075 hold as support moving forward. We also saw a break past the 200DMA of .0102, a significant movement which could give rise to further bullish activity.

Total possible gains we’ve seen out of PNCH from .006 to .0109 stand at 82%


SK3 Group, Inc. SKTO

Much like the other medical marijuana plays that we’ve been tracking, we’ve seen STKO make really substantial gains. Having first appeared in our newsletter a week ago today, the stock was as low as .0023 following our alert. We observed a breakout yesterday, before notifying our followers via a midday update email, that the stock could achieve further gains.

SKTO would go on to close at its HOD of .016 with an immense amount of strength. That price marks up to 590% in gains for STKO in just the short time we have been covering the stock.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

Regarding PLUG, on February 15th, we stated:”PLUG is an energy play that went on an extreme backslide yesterday, tanking to .12 from the previous day’s close at .25. While remaining very cautious, there may be a bottom-bounce opportunity with PLUG, so we are presenting it as a potential recovery play.”

After reaching a low of .115 following our alerts, yesterday the stock hit a high of .24, making our bounce call good for gains of up to 108%


Extended Watchlist: