Options, OTC Recap & More

Another Clean Sweep on Options Plays:

We finished out last week with a trio of spot-on options ideas, and we opened up this week yesterday morning in identical fashion! No one can be perfect all of the time, but recently it certainly seems as if it’s tough for us to miss.

Our fresh plays for the start of the new week were bolstered by overall market sentiments as the NASDAQ and S&P both arrived at new record highs. We had specifically targeted the SPCE Weekly $57-59 Calls, and the CCIV Weekly $26 & 07/21 $27.50-28 Calls. Positive movement on the day ranging from modest to excellent was recorded by all:

SPCE Weekly $57-59 Calls
2.52-5.80 (+130%)
$58: 2.29-5.47 (+139%)
$59: 2.09-5.20 (+149%)

CCIV Weekly $26 Calls
$26: 1.52-2.25 (+48%)

CCIV 07/21 $27.50-28 Calls
$27.50: 2.10-2.76 (+31%)
$28: 2.00-2.52 (+26%)

Probility Media Corp. PBYA – Recap: 

We began tracking PBYA earlier this month, beginning on the morning of June 11th, and following the low of .0014 it registered on that day, the stock hasn’t looked back. Over the ensuing few weeks, we’ve seen gradual increases, but that got kicked into high gear yesterday with one heck of a session to start off the fresh trading week.

Had our readers only caught yesterday’s report, they still had access to intraday gains of up to 388% as the stock ran from .0017-.0083. Those who may have been tracking the stock since our initial alert have witnessed an even larger increase amounting to a total of 493%

Fresh Options Idea:
EPAC 07/16 $25 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: