MSTG, CRPZ, FROI – Today’s Stock Watchlist

Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG was as low as 1.04 after our first alert, and closed at its high of day yesterday(1.15) for an 11% gain. When we first added it to our radar on Tuesday as a momentum play, we mentioned that we would like to see it return to its recent highs of 1.25. We are half way there, and at this rate our goal looks attainable.

Convenience TV Inc. CRPZ

There is always an open invitation to our readers to send in their trading ideas which they believe have value. This morning, a tip of the cap to Mike, for calling our attention to CRPZ.

It appears as if CRPZ qualifies for bottom play status, trading very close to it 52-wk low of .0014, making now a good time to take a look, thanks again Mike.

Fero Industries, Inc. FROI

On Dec 23rd, we added this stock to our watchlist, at which time, it was trading at .0082. That same day it high a high of .013, for a 62% gain.

The stock closed at a penny on Wednesday, still holding 22% percent of its previous gains. There was a recent MACD cross, and this chart looks like it is shaping up nicely.